Mental Health: Global Challenges Journal

Научный журнал «Mental Health: Global Challenges Journal»

ISSN: 2612-2138

Языки издания: Английский

Учредитель периодического издания: NDSAN (MFC - coordinator of the NDSAN)

Mental Health: Global Challenges Journal is an open access peer-reviewed journal, whose main aim is to promote dialogue and debate on topics such as Mental Health, Mental Health Care Systems and etc.

Mental Health: Global Challenges Journal is a journal dedicated to international studies of MHC systems in the context of global social challenges, such as the following: mental health and migration, mental health in times of military conflicts, mental health in the work place, specific issues related to MHC, higher education and MHC, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to MHC, partnership building for European projects in the field of Mental Health and related topics. Therefore, we encourage those papers which focus on the specific particularities of these topics, and /or authors coming from these areas. The journal especially encourages manuscripts which may be of interest to policy makers and/or practitioners.

The journal does not exclude submissions from regions other than European countries if the papers are related to the journal’s focus.

The journal accepts manuscripts such as empirical research studies, case studies, theoretical articles, reviews, and some extended abstracts.

Издательство: NDSAN (MFC – coordinator of the NDSAN)

Контактная информация: Dr. Viktor Vus - Editor-in-Chief

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